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Informative Speech Outline

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Informative Speech Outline


Topic: The importance of voting


Type of Speech: issue


Strategy for Presenting Content: Explanation


General Purpose: To inform


Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the importance of voting.


Thesis Statement: Voting is essential and should be exercised by everyone because one vote can    

                                make a difference.



How many people are registered to vote? How many people are registered to vote and have voted? This is the dilemma the United States is facing today. Many people are registered to vote, but choose not to vote. It is important to exercise your voting rights because the decision our government officials make can have a huge impact on our lives. Voting in any type of election, from local races to Presidential primaries, provides an important way to voice your opinions regarding elected leaders and overall policies. In addition, voting decides our future by electing officials who reflect your own views. Therefore, voting is essential and should be exercised by everyone because one vote can make a difference.
      The ability to vote is one of the most cherished Constitutional Rights that many have fought, marched, and died for over the centuries.

1. Many people do not realize that voting is so vital that it can even have an impact on your daily life. Voting is the best way to express your opinion silently and privately. A lot of people might say “how can one vote make a difference?” Well, one vote can make a huge difference.

2. Every vote counts and it is prominent that everyone votes because if they don’t, then the government will assume that since nobody voted, then the citizens must be satisfied.

3. Voting is a way of letting the government know if they are doing a good job.

If the right to vote no longer existed, the country would no longer subsist as a democratic nation and completely be a totalitarian.

1. By not voting, you have given away your right to the government and more importantly, not voting takes away the “will of the majority that governs this country, but [replaces it with] the will of the minority” (Smithstein).

2. The Twenty-fourth amendment of the United States Constitution states that: the right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State. Because this sacred right has been guaranteed to all citizens of the nation, you should take the initiative to vote for someone or something that reflects your overall views. 

According to the “Voter turnout in presidential elections, 1948-2008” chart, it portrays the percentage of voting eligible population who turned out to vote.

  1. The voter turnout has declined over the decades, however it has had a recent slight upward trend. Therefore, many people are becoming more involved and wanting their voices to be heard.  However the chart for the “Turnout rates for eligible voters, 1789-2008” shows that not all eligible voters are using the privilege defined in the Twenty-fourth amendment.
  2. In addition, more people voted in the presidential than the midterm election. From 1788-1818, eligible voters voted more during midterm elections than presidential elections. However, during 1848-2008 the turn out rates for eligible voters for presidential elections has increased dramatically. As you can see, more people vote during presidential elections than midterm, however it is just as important to vote in the midterm as well as the presidential elections.
  3. According to the “Youth Vote (1972-2004)” since 1972 there has been a decrease in young voters (18-24). Did you know that approximately twelve percent of eligible young voters take the opportunity to vote? (Point, Click, Vote). The percentage of registered youth voters outweighs the percentage of registered voters who voted creating an unbalance. It is important for young adults to vote because the decisions they make can shape the future. Therefore, youths should take advantage of their voting rights and exercise their rights to vote to voice their opinions.
  4.  Although there has been low turn out for youth voters, the overall turnout according to the “Voter turnout in presidential elections, 1948-2008” the chart illustrates that before 1960 the voter turnouts has increased to about 60%. Therefore, people are becoming more engaged about our government and want to be involved.


Before you vote for a candidate, you should research their views on the issues. The right to vote has been fought for to allow all races and genders express their Constitutional Rights. Now every citizen has the right to vote in any election and should exercise that right to vote. Always remember, if you don’t like what is going on with our government, don’t complain do something about it- Just Vote!



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